Welcome to Ben Hunt

It’s been a blast, but I’m finally hanging up my marketing toolbelt to focus on my true passion, which is sustainability.

Online marketing is fascinating, but since I found my own Path, it no longer inspires me in the same way. I simply can’t get excited about selling people stuff.

What I can get excited about is figuring out ways to restore the abundance of planet Earth so that humans and all other inhabitants can continue to enjoy life together. Watch this space.

About Ben Hunt

I have designed and delivered websites professionally since 1994, published hundreds of blog posts and tutorials, written several books, and presented at marketing conferences around the world.

In 2010 I created the Pro Web Design Course, which was probably the most comprehensive training combined course in web marketing, design, and production on the market at the time (now free).

In 2014 I started work on Ultimate Web Design, a radical marketing strategy system that combined the best insights from twenty years of research and practice.

In January 2015, while working on my latest book, “Web Design Is Dead” I came to realise that the core approach I had developed for Ultimate Web Design was so powerful, and could deliver so much value to businesses, I decided to make all my material open-source.